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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Index for Evangelicals, Evolution, and Academics Series

The "Evangelicals, Evolution, and Academics" guest-post series was published from May 18, 2008 through July 2, 2008. It included thirteen posts by nine different authors. The following is the index for the entire series.

Setting the Stage

1. Introduction by Steve Martin

2. Creation, Evolution, and the Nature of Science by Keith Miller

Teaching Evolution in Higher Education

3. Is the Scientific Academic Community a Hostile Environment for Faith? by Keith Miller

4. Teaching Evolution in Christian Higher Education by Dennis Venema

5. Evolution and Faith: Communicating their Compatibility in Christian Higher Education by Richard Colling

6. The Evolution Controversy at Calvin College: Historical Perspective by Stephen Matheson

7. Teaching Evolution at Calvin College: A Personal Perspective by Stephen Matheson

Teaching Evolution to Children and High School Students

8. Evolution in Public Schools: A Threat or a Challenge? by Karl Giberson

9. Why Evolution Should be Taught in Christian Schools by Gordon Glover

10. The Challenge of Teaching Science in a Christian Homeschooling Setting by Douglas Hayworth

11. Teaching Creation in Sunday School by Douglas Hayworth


12. Historical Perspective and Future Directions by Ted Davis

13. Conclusion by Steve Martin

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David W. Congdon said...

This was a great series, Steve. It was an excellent idea, and I hope the conversation continues.