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Friday, 22 June 2007

Excellent post about creation and evolution on John Stackhouse's blog

Tonight I stumbled across this excellent post called “Creation versus Evolution: Is this a sensible Question” on John Stackhouse’s blog. Stackhouse has been one of my favorite evangelical authors every since I read a draft of his book “Canadian Evangelicalism in the 20th Century” in the early 90’s. (This was on my recommended reading list in my Evangelicalism: Distinctive Characteristics post). Stackhouse, a professor a Regent college in Vancouver, has never been shy about tackling the really tough questions that most Evangelicals avoid like the plague, for example theodicy in “Can God Be Trusted? Faith and the Challenge of Evil” and the evangelical dialogue with other religions in “No Other Gods Before Me? Evangelicals Encounter the World's Religions”. I very much look forward to reading his thoughts on creation and evolution.

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Anonymous said...

Stackhouse is a much needed voice - he is one of the clearest evangelical academic writers I've had the opportunity to read.
Blog on!

Bene D