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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Extending the Dialogue: Guest Posts

One of the objectives of my blog is to initiate discussion on evolution and its implications for an Evangelical expression of the Christian faith. That is why the word “Dialogue” appears in the blog title. However, I'm not sure it’s appropriate to call this blog a dialogue when in fact I'm the only one that is posting. Comments are great, and I certainly appreciate the discussion that has occurred, but I believe having others provide posts of their own will enhance the conversation.

In the coming months (starting tomorrow) I’m planning to invite several guest posters to this blog. These posters will share my commitment to the integrity of scripture and science, but will not necessarily agree with all of my views on how scripture and the scientific data should be interpreted, or the theological implications of those interpretations. (Then again, sometimes I’m not sure even I agree with my own position in all areas!). Although I may make suggestions for a post topic, they will be given free rein on what to post. Of course, that means I can provide my own feedback in the comments.

Looking forward to extending the Dialogue.


Cliff Martin said...


I would suggest that your posts are getting far more "reads" than you are aware of. I read them all, checking out you site at least once every day. I have learned of many people who regularly read my blog, but who never post.

But I, like you, prefer dialog. I want dialog not just because its fun, but because I want my thoughts and ideas tested. I want to know if they can survive the dialog! I don't know exactly how to encourage this, but you may be onto something here. I hope your plan succeeds in creating a wider forum.

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