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Saturday, 8 March 2008

New Beginnings

It is the beginning of March, but here in Canada spring is definitely not in the air. Today the snowfall will be 30 cm in Toronto (about 1 foot for those of you using the archaic British Imperial system). It is so miserable outside that even the dogs have refused to venture out. No matter, the sled doesn’t have wireless internet anyways. Fortunately the Igloo does. So, it is a perfect time to highlight some new (or relatively new) blogs hosted in sunnier climes.

1. The Creation of an Evolutionist

Mike Beidler’s recently launched blog documents his “journey from Young-Earth Creationism (YEC) to Evolutionary Creationism (EC)”. He has some good posts on John Walton’s discussion of Genesis: see part 1, part 2 , and part 3.

2. The Heartwood Harold

Dustin is a biologist in the field of conservation genetics. On his blog he writes about the interplay of science and faith. Check out his excellent post on Ants mimicking Fruit which starts with:

It’s no joke, no slight of words on my part. This forthcoming study in the journal American Naturalist details how a group of scientists studying ants in Peru discovered that a parasitic nematode has the ability to modify its host (in this case an ant) to resemble ripe fruit. Apparently, these infected ants (whose rear ends eventually look like red berries) are attractive to and consumed by fruit-eating birds.
He has an interesting discussion on God’s “good” creation which he continues in part 2.

3. Wishing doesn’t make it so

Vera finds herself “in the unfortunate yet fascinating position of being a quasi-Seventh-day Adventist who believes that evolution is true”. On her blog, she tells “the tales of my struggle to make sense.” Being part of the SDA is particularly difficult for those trying to reconcile modern science with their faith since Young Earth Creationism is woven so tightly into much of SDA theology. Check out Vera’s post Virginia was a Sucker.

4. A Time to Tear Down, a Time to Build Up

Peter Enns book Inspiration and Incarnation is on my personal Top-10 list. I think the incarnational model of scripture he articulates is extremely helpful for Evangelicals, particularly those trying to reconcile the inspired Word of God and the findings from modern science, history, biblical studies, and archaeology. Although Enns does not post that frequently on his blog, he does provide some excellent resources including his paper Preliminary Observations on an Incarnational Model of Scripture.

5. Jesus Creed: Series on Science and Faith

Scott McNight’s blog Jesus Creed is doing a series on Science and Faith (HT: To both Dustin and Mike) by blogging about Francis Collins The Language of God. Check out the first post.

1 comment:

elbogz said...

I understand the desire to maintain the belief in the bible when you examine evolution, but when I read

“journey from Young-Earth Creationism (YEC) to Evolutionary Creationism (EC)”.

It reminds me of the of the Monte Python movie, ‘The Life of Brian’ where the The People's Front of Judea hated the Judean People's Front. In the words of Reg

“Listen, the only people we hate more than the Romans, are the f***ing Judean People's Front”

Both sides would rather be thrown in prison rather than to find common ground