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Saturday, 11 April 2009

An Evangelical Dialogue on Evolution: The Ebook

I have now published the 5th Ebook titled “An Evangelical Dialogue on Evolution: A collection of articles promoting a positive relationship between Evangelical Christianity and evolutionary science” (click the link for free download). This is a collection of 23 of my posts and provides, I believe, a more-or-less cohesive account of my viewpoint as documented on the blog – “more-or-less” since, as astute readers will have noticed, some of my own ideas have evolved over the last couple of years. Note also that I use the adjective “cohesive”, and not “complete”, when describing my viewpoint; I too am still learning and there are several areas of this conversation that puzzle me as well.

Why this Ebook?
By gathering these particular articles together, I’m hoping that this Ebook can be helpful in several ways:

1. As a “conversation starter” for my fellow Evangelical Evolutionary Creationists who wish to discuss their viewpoints with other Evangelicals.

2. As a resource for Evangelicals wondering how they can integrate the findings of modern science with their faith

3. For those convinced that evolution is antithetical to faith, the Ebook will provide details on why I believe this conclusion is completely mistaken. I have two primary audiences in mind:

  • Evangelicals struggling with (or considering abandoning) their faith because of the perceived conflict between that faith and the findings of modern science.
  • Those considering making a commitment to the Christ, but who mistakenly believe they must ignore well supported scientific evidence to do so.
4. As a summary resource for readers who enjoyed the blog, but discovered it well after it was launched, and don’t have the time to wade through all of the old material.

Another Full Circle
As some of you may remember, for several years prior to the launch of my blog, I had been researching and writing an (ever longer) essay on evolution and its implications for my faith. However, the more I researched and wrote, the more I realized I was getting farther away from complete closure; one of those “one question answered, two questions raised” situations. When I discovered the blogosphere in the spring of 2007, I abandoned the essay and launched the blog to 1) provide a forum to share my thoughts and conclusions with other Evangelicals, and 2) to invite comments, criticism, and corrections from, as well as conversation with, other Evangelicals examining the science / faith interface.

Two years later I can say that my own spiritual and intellectual journey was significantly enhanced by the interactions with you my readers - I can’t thank you enough. And viola, to my own surprise, here is the resurrected essay – very, very, very different from the one I abandoned 2 years ago – but of course, that is what resurrections are.

Happy Easter.


Stephen Douglas said...

Wow -- cool! Just now noticed this. The blogosphere misses you, especially since folks like Beidler, Glover, and I have been too busy/writer's blocked to contribute much lately. Of course, Cliff's site has had some really great stuff as usual, but I've been so "out of it" that I haven't contributed much to it (sorry, Cliff!).

Anyway, thanks for doing something valuable during your own hiatus!

Steve Martin said...

Hi Stephen,
Good to hear from you again. Yes it seems like all us are taking a break at the same time. I'm still mulling over what direction (if any) I want to take here. Hopefully I'll have made up my mind in the next month or so.

Kristian Swearingen said...

Hi Steve-

I'm glad we found each other's blogs. I've downloaded the e-books and I'm excited to read them.


Anonymous said...

Creation and Evolution cannot be combined into some hybred faith. If God did not create the heavens and the Earth in six litteral days then it would bring into question the validity of the Bible. There is simply NO proof of an OLD EARTH. All of the evidence points to a YOUNG EARTH. I would like to invite you to read "The Battle for the Beginning" by John MacArthur.

cbovell said...

I've come across your blog but am usually too busy to peruse. These ebooks, though, are a great idea--a very convenient presentation of the fruits of your work. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it. It's really a great help!

Emiliano M said...

I'm reading the e-books! You have a GREAT BLOG dude!!! It is being very, very, very helpful!

Thanks and keep up the good work

Paz de Cristo

RC Facilitator said...

Very interesting blog. And I thought I was the only one who didn't like the "choice" of science or religion!

I haven't read all your posts, but so far I haven't seen a lot on the possibiity that God is so mysterious that our understanding is handicapped from the beginning. So, ingoring the translation problems, the literal or non-literal argument might be irrelevant- since you could have an agreement between a literal translation and science, but that our mental facilities don't allow us to grasp how they agree.

Sorry if you've already submitted something like that- I will keep reading!

Steve Martin said...

Welcome RC,
I absolutely agree that our understanding is limited. And that limitation applies equally to our approach to the scriptures and to science; we should always remember that our interpretations may be incorrect in some areas.

On the other hand, God has given us some pretty amazing gifts to understand his revelation in creation and his revelation in scripture. So this curiosity and desire to grapple with the meaning of scripture and science is something to celebrate, even if we aren’t always successful in reaching resolution.