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Saturday, 27 February 2010

A Quick Comment on Comments

Because of the nature of the internet, blog conversations can sometimes be truly exasperating, banal, nasty, or worse. I am thankful that this type of interaction has been almost completely absent from this blog. A big thanks to all my readers, commenters, and guest contributors.

However, it seems to me that I should publish some type of guideline to refer to when a comment is inappropriate. I have now published the The Evangelical Dialogue on Evolution Commenting Guidelines and put this on the blog home page sidebar. This is draft number 1 and is subject to change – particularly if I get a good suggestion from a reader. Your feedback is welcome.

Secondly, a while ago I created a “comments feed” so that I could receive comments on the blog in my RSS reader. I never publicly announced this, but I guess some people found it. And that made me think, hmm, maybe some others would like to receive these comments in an RSS feed as well rather than constantly looking at my site to see if a new comment has arrived. So here is the RSS comment feed (also available on the sidebar under the subscribe heading).


RBH said...

I might have a little trouble with that Christian charity clause. :)

Steve Martin said...

ah yes, hmmm, should have thought of that .. but maybe would have left it in anyways even if I had thought of it.

Since you (and most non-Christians that drop in here) have demonstrated you have no problem with the respectful dialogue part (much appreciated), you can ignore this clause.

I guess if everyone here displays respect & if all of us that claim to be followers of Christ also display the Christian charity we should, I think we should be fine.

RBH said...

Steve, I was teasing just a tiny bit. :)

Steve Martin said...

RBH: yah I know ... and my first reaction was to write something snarky in return ... but then I might have had to delete my own comment :-)