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Friday, 20 March 2009

All Four Blog Series now Available as Ebooks

All four series published here on this blog are now available in Ebook format. These include:

1. Evangelicals, Evolution, and Academics: The first Ebook I created and published on Tuesday. Note that there is a new revision available that includes some slight formatting changes (most notably the title page); the content is identical. Unfortunately the link I gave on Tuesday still points to the first revision (I think I have now figured out scribd’s revisioning system and have corrected the link in Tuesday's post) – so if you want the new revision with the formatting changes you will have to download it again from here.

2. The Social Psychology of the Origins Debate: The series of articles written by Marlowe C. Embree examining how our attitudes and beliefs are formed, how bias and prejudice affect our interaction with others, and how our thinking styles and personality profiles are important factors in how we make decisions, all within the context of the origins debate.

3. Evolution and Original Sin: A discussion on George Murphy’s paper Roads to Paradise and Perdition: Christ, Evolution, and Original Sin that included a summary of the paper by Murphy and responses by Terry Gray, Denis Lamoureux, and David Congdon . The series also includes Murphy’s replies to these responses as well as answers to reader questions.

4. Polkinghorne Quotes: My series of posts providing brief thoughts on quotes by theologian John Polkinghorne.

Fifth Ebook Coming
I plan to create one more Ebook, a compilation of posts that provides a more-or-less cohesive “story” of my own views and journey as documented on this blog. This might take some time though. While compiling the four Ebooks above was a relatively simple technical project, the fifth Ebook is going to take some thought and effort (ie. choosing what is included, arranging these posts thematically –eg. a simple chronological listing of the chosen posts probably wouldn’t work).

I am hoping that this fifth Ebook:
a) will be a helpful resource for Evangelicals struggling with the perceived conflict between their faith and the scientific evidence for biological evolution
b) can be used as a “conversation starter” for Evangelicals who hold an Evolutionary Creation position and want to share this with friends and colleagues and
c) will provide a nice summary of the blog for those who found it rather late, missed much of the first year’s discussion, but don’t want to dig though all 132 posts.

Of course, don't make any plans based on my commitment above (I am making no commitment on when it will be available). If you want to start reading a book now, or want to provide a recommendation to a friend, check out one of these ten books.


Paul Bruggink said...

Thanks again. I will be looking forward to the fifth eBook.

Olavo J A Ribeiro said...

Thanks for providing these resources.