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Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Top Posts

(Last Updated May 14, 2008)

A) The Definitions

1. Evolution: The Meaning of Evolution: A Framework for Christians
2. Evangelical: What is an Evangelical? Am I one? Why do I choose to wear the Label?
3. Dialogue: Not a definition, but the “Why”: Evangelicalism and Evolution: Why the Discussion Matters and the “How”: Dialogue, Debate, Silence, or Confrontation: How should we Approach the Topic of Evolution?

B) Scripture
Evangelicals take a very high view of scripture. The perception that evolution is incompatible with God’s revelation in scripture is at the heart of Evangelicalism’s antagonism towards the scientific theory. Here are four posts that outline why I believe the scientific theory for evolution & a high view of scripture are compatible.

1. Scripture or Science: Do we need to Choose?
2. Literal or Liberal: Our only Choices for Interpreting the Bible?
3. Gen 1-11: Background, Context, and Theology
4. An Incarnational Approach to Scripture

C) Theological and Moral Implications

The perceived implications of biological evolution seem daunting, both for Christian theology and for Christian morality. Although biological evolution does present some new challenges to theology, the extent of these challenges is clearly overblown.

1. Theological Implications of an Evolving Creation: 5 Common Faithstoppers
2. Made in the God's Image or Evolved from Apes?
3. Reconciling the Fall and Evolution
4. Does Evolution Lead to Moral Relativism?
5. Critiquing the claim that Darwinism = Racism

D) Personal Choices and Implications

Given the antagonism towards evolution within the Evangelical community, the personal choices regarding evolution can be difficult and the personal implications significant.

1. Factors Involved in the Shift Towards Evolutionary Creationism: My Story and Yours
2. When Acceptance of Evolution has Personal or Professional Repercussions
3. Would your Church allow you to Publically Support Evolution?
4. Reclaiming and Proclaiming Creation

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